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DDW 2014 Abstracts

Abstracts selected for presentation at DDW 2014 by AASLD, AGA, and SSAT were published online in the May supplement to Gastroenterology. Abstracts selected for presentation by ASGE are published online in the April supplement to GIE: Gastrointestinal Endoscopy. All accepted abstracts for DDW 2014 are also available to view in MyDDW

Review abstracts from previous DDWs.

View AGA Institute Conflict of Interest (COI) Funding responses per presentation. This file includes AGA disclosure funding responses per presentation (Includes abstract authors and invited speakers).

DDW 2015 Abstracts

The DDW 2015 abstract submission site will open Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2014 at 9 a.m. ET and remain open until 9 p.m. ET, Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2014 (Please note the deadline is the Tuesday after the U.S. Thanksgiving Holiday).

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All abstracts successfully submitted for consideration of presentation at DDW are peer-reviewed and ranked on the basis of scientific merit by experts in the category selected. The DDW Program Committee utilizes these rankings to develop the final meeting program. Abstracts will be presented in poster form or as short lecture presentations. Authors will receive notification of abstract status via email in mid-February, 2015. Late-breaking abstract authors will be notified in March.

Abstract Submission Frequently Asked Questions

When can I submit an abstract for DDW 2015?

The DDW 2015 abstract submission site will open Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2014 at 9 a.m. ET and remain open until 9 p.m. ET, Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2014 (Please note the deadline is the Tuesday after the U.S. Thanksgiving Holiday).

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Does DDW accept case reports or clinical vignettes for abstracts?

Yes! Please submit the case report or clinical vignette using the abstract submitter.

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Can I submit a late breaking abstract?

Yes, the AGA invites authors to submit clinical and basic LATE BREAKING ABSTRACTS (LBA) for presentation at DDW 2015. The LBA abstract period opens February 2015. There is a $120 non-refundable abstract processing fee.

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How much does it costs to submit an abstract?

There is a $60 non-refundable processing charge per abstract. Abstracts will not be submitted until payment information is complete. Please note that this is a processing fee and not a publishing fee — abstracts not selected for presentation at DDW are also subject to the $60 fee. Authors have the option of paying by Visa®, Mastercard®, or American Express®. No purchase orders or checks will be accepted.

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If I am unable to attend DDW, can I receive a refund for my abstract submission?

Refunds cannot be offered for any abstracts that have been submitted for DDW. The fees collected cover the cost to process the abstracts whether or not one attends the meeting.

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Can I be invoiced for abstract submission(s)?

Payment may only be made by credit card. Accepted credit cards include Visa®, Mastercard®, and American Express®.

How can I obtain a receipt for my abstract submission?

  1. Link to the DDW abstract submission site
  2. Enter your AbstractCentral user ID and password
  3. Click the login button
  4. Select the “Submission Tab” at the top of the page (even though you may see instructions that say the site is closed, you can still print a receipt)
  5. Click on the “view abstract” link in the left column
  6. Click on the “view proof” icon to view and print a copy of your submission receipt.

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When will I be notified if my abstract has been accepted for inclusion in DDW 2015?

Notifications will be sent to submitting authors in mid-February 2015 by email. You must keep your email information updated within the AbstractCentral site. If your email address changes, please log into the system and follow the instructions to update your information.

I am logged into one of the sponsoring society web sites using my membership information, but the AbstractCentral site reveals the following message: Unknown username/password. Why?

AbstractCentral does not recognize your society membership login information. You designate your login information that will be used to access the AbstractCentral site and are free to copy your society login information here as well.

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Are there instructions available to navigate the abstract submission process?

These Abstract Submission Guidelines will answer most questions about the submission process.

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If I have to contact DDW Administration or the ScholarOne Support team for information related to my abstract, what information should I have on hand?

Upon starting the process to submit an abstract, you will automatically be assigned a control ID number. Please keep a copy of:

  • Submission Confirmation
  • Control ID number; located on the top left corner of the submission screen You will need your control ID number to communicate with DDW Administration and/or the ScholarOne technical support team about a specific abstract.

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How can I edit an abstract that has been submitted?

To reenter the system, you will need your user ID and password. In order to edit an abstract that has been submitted, you must first return it to “draft” status and submit it again after you complete the edits. Failure to resubmit will mean that the abstract will not be reviewed. You will not be required to submit the $60 submission fee when you resubmit your abstract after making edits. No edits, including edits to the author string, are permitted after the abstract submission deadline.

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I have read the instructions, but I am experiencing technical difficulty with the AbstractCentral site. What should I do?

Your technical questions or problems with the system should be directed to the ScholarOne Technical Support Team. They can be reached by clicking the “Get Help Now” button in the right corner of the screen or by emailing

Please ensure that your message contains your name, phone, email, control ID and an explanation of the problem. Tech Support is available 3 a.m. to 5 p.m. US Eastern time, Monday through Friday. Please do not contact DDW Administration with technical questions about the system. However, general questions about the submission and review process may be directed to DDW Administration (

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Is there a character limit for an abstract submission?

There is a limit of 2,900 characters for the text of your oral or poster abstract submission. Tables/images do not count toward the 2,900 character limit. The 2,900 character limit includes spaces.

There is a separate limit of 255 characters for the title of your abstract submission. Do not include author or institution names in the title of your abstract.

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How many tables/images may I include?

You may include a combination of up to two tables or images. There is no character maximum for tables, however, please keep in mind a table may be scaled down to fit the publication layout.

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How can I get special characters to copy over if I am using a word processing application to type my abstract?

If you copy and paste the title and/or body from your word processor, special characters and formatting will not transfer. You will have to replace special characters by inserting formatting tags using the character palette. To access the palette, click on the “Special Characters” button located on the Title/Body page.

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How do I ensure that authors of my abstract appear in the correct order?

Please enter all authors in the order they should appear in the heading of the abstract. As you enter each author, if you wish to change their order of appearance, please use the column furthest to the left to reorder them. Remember, you must save your changes after you have reordered the authors for them to take wffect.

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Can I withdraw my abstract after it has been submitted?

Yes. DDW will withdraw your abstract when it receives notification of your intent to withdraw by Friday, Feb. 20, 2015. If you would like to withdraw your abstract please complete the online form. After Feb. 20, we can not guarantee that your withdrawn abstract will be excluded from publication. If circumstances prevent attendance, the author must arrange for the presentation to be given by a substitute co-author. Acceptance of the abstract obligates the author to present the paper.

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What is the DDW policy regarding previous presentation, publication and duplication of abstracts?

  • Abstracts will not be considered for presentation if they have been, or will be presented before DDW in the United States at a national meeting of a society with the exception of the ACS Surgical Forum and the NASPGHAN Annual Meeting.
  • Abstracts will be considered for presentation if they were, or will be, presented at national meetings in countries outside of the United States.
  • Abstracts will not be considered for presentation if they have been accepted for publication, or will be published as an article (includes manuscripts accepted for publication) in either printed or electronic format upon the Dec. 2 abstract submission deadline.
  • Abstracts will not be considered for presentation if they have been duplicated in any way. Abstracts may not be submitted to more than one category, subcategory or society for DDW. Abstracts that have been submitted to DDW in previous years, but not accepted for presentation are eligible for submission.
  • Violations of these policies could result in a five year sanction from submitting abstracts to DDW for the submitting author.

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