Abstract Publication

Abstracts accepted by AASLD, AGA and SSAT will be published in the May 2014 supplement of Gastroenterology. Abstracts accepted for publication by ASGE will be published in the April 2014 supplement of GIE: Gastrointestinal Endoscopy.

Lecturer Checklist

DDW Registration

All presenters (members and non-members) must register for DDW 2014 and pay the appropriate registration fees. Register now!

Provide Your Twitter Handle

Provide your Twitter handle, if you have one, to help attendees of your presentation do a good job tweeting your talk. You can provide your Twitter handle up front, in your opening remarks or in your first slide. If you’re not on Twitter, it’s worth thinking about signing up, just so people can provide attribution for your work.

Presentation Slide Preparation

Uploading your presentation to the presentation management site.

Please be sure to upload your presentation. You should have received an email from on Friday, April 18 with your credentials. If you did not receive this email or misplaced it, please contact and they’ll assist you with logging into the advance submission website. You can upload your presentation on the website,

Presentations can be submitted in advance of the meeting via the speaker presentation upload site or on site in Chicago at the Speaker Ready Room. The tips below will help ensure that little if any editing will need to be done on site, allowing you to quickly review your presentation and then attend other meetings in progress.

The tips below are for both Windows and Mac users. As all the in room presentation computers will be PCs, Mac users should review considerations for Mac Users below.

Preparing your slides.

Financial Disclosure Slide: DDW will create a disclosure slide based on the financial disclosure information you submitted on our abstract submission site. This slide will automatically be shown prior to your presentation. We ask that you make clear to the audience any potential conflicts of interest, as stated in your abstract submission. Your cooperation in heeding these recommendations helps to maintain the high standards of our meeting.

Movies: Please take steps to compress your videos. Uncompressed videos will only take more of your time to upload and give no better quality than a modern MPEG-4 codec. We can only accept movies created as MPGs, WMVs, AVI or with the following codecs:

MPEG-4 (Divx, Xvid, or WMVs) Indeo, Cinepack, Techsmith, Animated GIF, and Flash.

It is important your movies do not completely fill the screen. In the meeting room you will only have a mouse to advance your slides. You can only advance your PowerPoint with a mouse by clicking on the slide, not the movie itself.

DVDs: If you plan to play a DVD as part of your presentation, please notify a technician in the Speaker Ready Room so arrangements can be made for assistance in your meeting room.

Fonts: We only supply fonts that are included with Office 2010. If you need a specialized font, it should be embeded into your PowerPoint presentation. The following link explains this process ( embedded fonts

Social media: Provide your Twitter handle, if you have one, to help attendees of your presentation do a good job tweeting your talk. You can provide your Twitter handle in your first slide.

Mac Users:

Keynote: If you would like to upload your presentation please convert your keynote to PowerPoint. Keynote 09 files with the .key extension can be directly uploaded to the website. However this is a windows based system and there is currently no way to play a keynote file on a pc.

Pictures: If you use a version of PowerPoint prior to 2008, please be sure any embedded pictures are not TIFF format. These images will not show up in Windows PowerPoint. With PowerPoint 2008 for the Mac, any inserted image will be compatible.

Movies: Please export MOV files to Windows Media WMV with Quicktime 7 Pro. PowerPoint on Windows machines will not handle MOV files. If you cannot convert the files or have a considerable number of MOV files, please check with a technician in the Speaker Ready Room who can make arrangements to convert the videos.

No product specific promotional material or event may appear or occur in educational space or material or during an educational activity.

Uploading session handouts and promotional videos


You have the option to upload supplemental handouts to accompany your presentation.  If submitted handouts will be available to attendees via MyDDW.  The Mediasite will be available in late-March.  

Social Media Promotional Videos

DDW uses social media to promote the meeting and to encourage communication among meeting attendees, exhibitors and presenters. We invite you to participate by submitting a video about your upcoming presentation. Visit to see examples of video uploads for 2014.  

At the meeting

Speaker Ready Room
N426 in the McCormick Place Convention Center

Friday, May 2: 12–4 p.m.
Saturday, May 3–Tuesday, May 6: 7 a.m.–5:30 p.m.

Speakers must check in at the Speaker Ready Room at least 24 hours prior to their scheduled presentation. The computers in the Speaker Ready Room will be configured with hardware and software exactly like the computer in the meeting rooms. It is imperative that you review your presentation in the Speaker Ready Room. This is where technicians can help resolve any compatibility or formatting issues.

In The Session Room

Please arrive at your meeting room at least 30 minutes before the start of your session. A monitor will be available where you can follow your presentation. Simply click your name on the display, and your presentation will launch automatically. If you have any difficulties or need any assistance, just click the "Assistance Needed" button and a technician will be immediately sent to your room.

Review Your DDW Presentation Details and Invitations

Log into the speaker management system to review specific details regarding your speaking invitations. You may also view your presentation information through MyDDW, the meeting itinerary planner.  The 2014 MyDDW site is now open.